Dialysis Clinic for Quinte West Closer Than You Think

QUINTE WEST Council chamber was jam-packed tonight to hear Dr. David Weinstein, a local nephrologist, share with the audience, a blueprint plan to bring dialysis to Quinte West within the next 12 to 24 months. In attendance at tonight’s meeting were both the mayors of Quinte West and Brighton along with counselors from both communities as well as executive members of Our TMH advocacy group which organized the meeting for its membership which now totals over 10,000.

Dr. Weinstein shared with the audience the fact that he has created dialysis clinics in the past in two US cities where he practiced nephrology. Many in attendance were there to hear Dr. Weinstein’s presentation on how that can become a reality here for Quinte West. There are a number of hurdles that need to be overcome before we can achieve this this goal, but it is achievable and he has the where with all and a plan to make that happen. Dr Weinstein identified and emphasized the overwhelming need of an additional dialysis clinic in Quinte West, possibly located at TMH or the planned Health Hub to be built. This new initiative has become a major focus for Our TMH Advocacy Group and its 10,000 plus members. It was also mentioned at tonight’s meeting about some new surgeries that will be coming back to Trenton Memorial Hospital accompanied by surgeons who perform the specialty surgeries including orthopedics.

Also at tonight’s meeting, Sharon Urquhart, special events committee chairwoman mentioned some upcoming events where Our TMH has plans to have sign-up booths including The Home Show, Fishing Derby, plus having City Council designate the month of May as Our TMH membership drive month. Volunteers will canvas door to door throughout Quinte West signing up new members as we Grow our FREE membership to 20,000 in 2017…please note if you can volunteer at any of these events, contact Sharon at 613-920-2689. To celebrate the end of our membership drive, we will host a street dance in City Hall parking lot in Trenton on June 10…everyone is invited, more details to follow.