Putting patients first at TMH

July 10, 2017

The Trentonian

Our TMH, an advocacy group formed to defend health care in our community, is rapidly approaching the third year of its endeavour to preserve, protect and enhance Trenton Memorial Hospital.

We are working diligently to collect Our TMH memberships and are currently just shy of 15,000 after months of effort. With an ambitious goal of 20,000 – a goal that will unequivocally show our political leaders how much Trenton Memorial Hospital means to our community – we encourage everyone age 14 and above, from any city in Canada, to please fill in a free membership card. Your membership will demonstrate your ongoing commitment to help Trenton Memorial Hospital stay strong.

Your support will also help bring a much-needed dialysis unit to our area, which will promote education about kidney disease while easing the very high costs to the patients who travel outside of our community three times a week for this life-saving procedure.

Your support will also help ongoing local efforts to recruit and retain physicians for those 5,000-plus orphaned patients living in our community. By showing your investment in our community health care, you are adding to our already loud voice. We need as many members as possible to show the strength and resolve of Our TMH and our community. We need to show just how many people are concerned about health care in our community to avert any possible future funding cuts considered for Trenton Memorial Hospital services.

As “patients first” was mandated by the Ministry of Health as the core principle of its new action plan on health care in the province, we need to continue to apply pressure to our politicians to ensure Trenton Memorial Hospital is never threatened again. We need to remind them to put “patients first” in our Quinte West region.

Our picturesque Quinte area has much to offer its residents and visitors, and with your support, Our TMH believes our goals for a thriving and safeguarded Trenton Memorial Hospital will be reached.

You can also sign up for your free membership at www.ourtmh.com or by e-mailing us at info@ourtmh.com.

Sharon Urquhart,
Special Events & Membership Co-ordinator, Our TMH
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