Veteran Services Proposal


It is proposed to establish a dedicated facility at TMH to care for Veterans of all ages. Facilities could also be offered to other Seniors in need of specialized care.


There is a large and growing population of military veterans in the Greater Quinte Region, and the population of CFB Trenton is growing rapidly with the influx of new units such as JTF2 and the expansion of military airlift capabilities. There are currently over 2200 military families living in the TMH catchment area, who rely on TMH for health care.

Although statistics for veterans are not maintained by VA, members of local groups such as the Royal Canadian Legion, the Royal Canadian Air Force Association and the
National Association of Federal Retirees number over five thousand.

The population of senior citizens is growing at least at the rate of the rest of Canada, given the area’s popularity as a retirement location. As of the 2011 census (the last
available) there are over forty thousand people over the age of 65 living in the Region.

At present there is no dedicated facility in the area to compare with ones such as Sunnybrook Health Sciences in Toronto, the Veterans’ Care Program at Parkwood Institute in London and the Pearley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre in Ottawa.

It is important to provide routine care close to where the population resides. Elderly patients have difficulty traveling long distances for regular care, and their spouses are often not able to provide adequate home care.


Trenton Memorial Hospital has space available to establish a wing dedicated to the care of veterans and other elderly people requiring specialized services. It would be supported by family doctors with support from hospital staff specialists in conventional, geriatric and palliative care.

The Trenton MFRC has been chosen as a pilot project for Veterans’ care, to aid veterans leaving the military for medical reasons, to provide information, assistance in
finding community supports and crisis intervention. It needs more space, which could be provided at TMH.